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Landpac® International

Ground Improvement and Verification Technologies and Solutions

At Landpac® International, our central focus, with regard to Alternative Construction Designs and Methodologies, is the correct application of High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC) technology.

Through various alliances and joint ventures, we include fully engineered designs, complete scope of survey and soil testing, environmentally friendly dust suppressants and soil stabilizers, Geogrids, and ultimately, a full Engineer, Procure, Construct and Manage (EPCM) service.

Landpac® offers EPCM Solutions for the Design and Construction of new mines, mining infrastructure, roads, railways, runways, container terminals, multi-use land developments, etc.

Our experienced team of Professionals work closely with the Client to value engineer the construction, resulting in a superior product for the client, at significantly reduced costs.

With more than 30 years of world wide experience and with the largest fleet of impact compactors in the world, Landpac remains the world leader in High Energy Impact Compaction. With offices strategically placed across the globe, Landpac is perfectly positioned to accommodate your value engineering requirements, now and in the future.


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Advantages offered using High Energy Impact Compaction

Less plant required on site, for a shorter period

  • Operational costs reduced
  • Less plant hours, therefore, less plant maintenance
  • Reduction in Diesel & oil consumption, delivery quantities & frequency
  • Reduced number of operators, therefore, reduced man-hours worked resulting in lower risk of injuries.
  • Less plant required in limited working areas, is safer. (narrow work areas)
  • Less carbon emissions, minimising environmental impact during the construction phases of the project.

Wider allowable moisture content range reduces the need for continuous watering

One, Single Thick fill layer greatly reduces the amount of mixing and processing, compared to many thin layers.

The ability to achieve superior load bearing strengths & densities in “poor”, locally obtained materials, reducing/eliminating the need for expensive importing of higher quality materials.

Allows for a uniform density profile throughout the fill layers & sub-grade, resulting in a more stable, impermeable, high load-bearing, uniformly compacted pavement profile.

Results in an improved bearing capacity.

High Energy Impact Compaction allows for 1000mm thick fills. This negates the need for expensive, time consuming processing and conventional compaction.

Thick lifts reduce/negate the need for expensive crushing and screening, as maximum particle size increases due to the thicker lifts.

High production rates possible due to minimal processing, levelling, blading, watering, etc.

Superior in-situ/subgrade/roadbed compaction achievable, allowing for reductions in the number/thickness of the expensive upper pavement layers in roads/rails/platforms.

Results in a more impermeable, stable, longer lasting pavement, to a greater depth. This reduces/negates the need for expensive excavations, sub-soil drainage, etc. (Provided adequate surface drainage is constructed)

Improves production levels on site.

Achievement of superior equivalent CBR%, uniformly, to a depth of over 2m below the surface. (To be confirmed during an initial trial)

Mitigation of any future differential settlement.

Removal of any potential future collapse.

Summarised advantages

  • Improved bearing capacity.
  • Controlled and certified compaction with CIR.
  • Continuous, effective management of quality.
  • Significant reduction in time-consuming, conventional soil testing methods
  • Time savings with regards to production.
  • Cost savings.

Minimised Environmental Impact.